Platform Guide

Online Platform: Integrate Classroom Physical Activity in Schools is designed to help both physical activity champions and newcomers to classroom physical activity alike to adopt, promote, enhance and sustain classroom physical activity practices in schools. The Online Platform is a companion resource to Strategies for Classroom Physical Activity in Schools, and provides an in-depth, practical look into each of the ten strategies identified in this document.

Links under the “Overview” tab provide an introduction to classroom physical activity, and includes its definition and descriptions of the three overarching categories under which the classroom physical activity strategies are organized.

Explore individual strategies for classroom physical activity by selecting strategies of interest on the left hand navigation pane. For each strategy, you will find the following four tabs:

  1. Description – An overview of the strategy.
  2. Key Activities and Questions – Key activities to make strategies actionable, questions for consideration to inform planning for key activities, and templates and tools that can be used to record information throughout the planning process.
  3. Stories from the Field – Brief anecdotes describing state and school-level experiences implementing specific strategies.
  4. Resources – Curated resources that pertain to a particular strategy. Resources are hyperlinked and descriptions of where to find the information within each resource are provided.

If you have a resource or story to share, we encourage you to share it! Click here¬†or “Share your story” in the left hand navigation pane to submit ideas or suggestions to the Springboard to Active Schools team.