Featuring Lisa Kelzenberg

Every week, we shine a light on a Springboard to Active Schools trainer who is making a difference in their community and state. These blogs highlight trainings that the trainers have conducted on implementing a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP), training insights and tips, and fun facts.

We met with Lisa Kelzenberg, a physical education teacher for Anchorage School District in Alaska, to learn more about her training experience.

  1. Share a brief overview of one of your Springboard to CSPAP Implementation trainings.
  2. What: Classroom physical activity and recess.

    Who: School health and wellness stakeholders.

    Where: Alaska School Health and Wellness Institute.

  3. Who were the key partners you worked with to make this training happen?
  4. Wendy Hamilton who is the School Health Program Manager at the Department of Health and Social Services and Kami Moore who is the Health and Safety Program Coordinator for the Department of Education and Early Development.

  5. What superpower did each partner bring to the table?
  6. They both have organizational skills, leadership qualities,  and a deep concern for the youth of Alaska. They looked at the needs of our state and provided speakers who could address those needs. It is an immense under-taking to put on a state wide conference. Wendy and Kami accomplished this task with a highly favorable and successful outcome.

  7. Did you learn anything new about your partners through this process? If so, what did you learn?
  8. They are hard-working, dedicated professionals who are committed to what they are doing.  They really care about what they’re doing, about youth, and about educating attendees throughout the state and country.

  9. What are three words to describe your audience before the training began?
  10. Motivated, professional, and ready to learn.

  11. What are three words to describe your audience at the conclusion of the training?
  12. Informed, tools in hand, and had the feeling of support.

  13. What is one way you got the participants to be physically active?
  14. I did the Over/Under and Vote with Your Feet activities, but also let the participants choose their own exercises. I find that it works better when you involve your audience.

  15. What part of the training are you most proud of?
  16. I teach students who are 18 and under all day, but I was very nervous to teach adults.  I did a ton of preparation and went in their confidently.  I knew the material very well.  The conference had evaluations for each session and participants said I was organized and knowledgeable.

  17. What part of the training was the most challenging?
  18. The preparation.  I spent hours going through the training plus I came up with 6 or 7 slides that were specific to Alaska.  It took awhile to get a grasp on all the information.

  19. What is one thing that surprised you at your training?
  20. I really enjoyed teaching adults and having conversations with them.  I think people enjoyed listening to me and asking questions – they gained a lot of information from each other.  They really wanted to talk and learn from one another and network.