Online Learning Institute: Supporting Physical Education and Physical Activity with Native American Students During COVID-19 and Beyond

NOTE: This Online Learning Institute was held on April 7, 2021. Below is information and resources from the training.

This Online Learning Institute provides schools and education agencies with tools and easy-to-use resources to integrate physical education and physical activity (PE/PA) programming, policies, and practices that support the education and overall wellbeing – including physical, emotional, and mental health – of Native American students during and post COVID-19. Hosted by the Center for Wellness and Nutrition (CWN) in partnership with the California Indian Museum & Cultural Center (CIMCC)  and Springboard to Active Schools.


  • Understand the physiological and psychological impacts of historical trauma.
  • Articulate strategies for improving Native student mental health during the pandemic through a holistic approach.
  • Define indigenous concepts of wellness.
  • Apply strategies for integrating Native culture and place-based components into PA activities.
  • Describe best practices for addressing challenges for PE implementation with Native students during COVID.


  • Katherine Hawksworth, Program Manager, Public Health Institute/Center for Wellness and Nutrition ([email protected])
  • Jesse Tedrick, Community Engagement Specialist, Public Health Institute/Center for Wellness and Nutrition ([email protected])
  • Nicole Myers-Lim, Executive Director, California Indian Museum and Cultural Center
  • Christina Tlatilpa Inong, Program Specialist, California Indian Museum and Cultural Center
  • Kelly Cornett, Health Scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Autumn Quiver, NB3FIT Program Coordinator, Notah Begay III Foundation
  • Chelsey Luger, Co-Founder, Well for Culture

Resources from Training:

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Highlighted Training Resources