Classroom Physical Activity Idea

Vote With Your Feet


Approach: Movement integrated into planned academic instruction

Subject Area: All Subjects

Age: All Age Groups

Recommended by: Darin Nolan, Health and PE Teacher at Bellingham High School (Bellingham, WA)


Mr. Nolan has signs posted around his classroom that say: yes, no, true, false, agree, and disagree.

Depending on the day’s lesson, he’ll ask his students to answer questions by going to stand by the sign that best reflects their answer.

For example, he may ask a series of true/false questions.  Students would then stand by either the true or false sign based on their answer to the question.

Activity in Action – Social Emotional Learning:

“Today in my health class, we’re starting a social and emotional unit. I put up a slide with different questions or statements about emotions. I have students stand and read one of the statements. For example, ‘People with good mental and emotional health never experience disappointment or failures.’ After each statement is read, all students will go stand by their answer (True/False) and then share with the person next to them about why they answered the way they did. Then we have a share out. I get kids up and moving that way to tie in the lesson we’re learning.”