Webinar: Addressing Physical Activity in Youth

With close to 60 million students enrolled in grades K-12 nationally, schools are critical settings to promote physical education and physical activity (PE/PA). By creating environments that encourage students to be physically active and reach the nationally-recommended 60 minutes a day, schools can further contribute to the health and academic success of its students. Through this webinar, attendees will:

Learn about the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP), a multi-component approach by which schools and school districts can help students increase physical activity minutes and acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue a lifetime of meaningful engagement in physical activity.

Deepen their knowledge on the health and academic benefits and current state of PE/PA in schools.

Understand the role of Springboard to Active Schools in promoting active school environments in school districts and schools across the country.

This webinar was sponsored by the American Public Health Association’s Physical Activity and Public Health Nursing Sections.

Kate Holmes, MPH, Active Schools Training Manager
Springboard to Active Schools
National Network of Public Health Institutes

Resources from the Webinar