Webinar: Increasing Active Play at Recess through Painted Play Spaces

Recess is an important way to keep students active during the school day, in addition to physical education and physical activity. Challenges like scheduling, funding, physical resources, and staff training can make it hard to kick start or maintain recess in a school.

One organization figured out how to overcome these barriers while increasing moderate to vigorous activity by 38%. EatMoveGrow is dedicated to building healthier school environments in rural, low-resource Louisiana communities, and one way they achieve this is through their Painted Play Spaces project.

  • Through this webinar, attendees will:
  • – Learn about recess and the challenges to and strategies for implementing recess.
  • – Hear from EatMoveGrow to learn more about their Painted Play Spaces project, how it helped overcome barriers to recess in rural, low-resource schools in Louisiana, and how their lessons learned can be applied to other schools across the country.

Featured Presenters from EatMoveGrow

Donna Newton, Project Manager, donna@eatmovegrow.us

Amy Karam, Project Director, amy@eatmovegrow.us

Joanna Faerber, Health Educator, jfaerbe@lsu.edu

Kyle Hucke, Painted Play Spaces Evaluator, kylehucke85@gmail.com

Resources from the Webinar

Webinar recording

Webinar presentation slides

EatMoveGrow – Our Favorite Stencils

EatMoveGrow – Supply List and FAQs

EatMoveGrow – Games and Student Education

System for Observing Play and Leisure Activity in Youth (SOPLAY)

Data Brief: Keep Recess in Schools

Strategies for Recess in Schools

Recess Planning in Schools: A Guide for Putting Strategies for Recess into Practice

Customizable Recess Template