Webinar: Promoting Active School Environments through Physical Education

In the “Promoting Active School Environments through Physical Education” webinar:

  • Meet the National Network of Public Health Institutes/Health Resources in Action team and hear about their Menu of Support for 1305 partners in physical education and physical activity;
  • Hear updates from CDC on new physical education evidence and resources, including highlights from the Secular Changes in Physical Education Attendance Among U.S. High School Students report; and,
  • Learn about Illinois Institute of Public HealthI’s innovative enhanced physical education policies and programs throughout the state of Illinois.

Featured Presenter
Illinois Public Health Institute
Illinois has long been a leader in valuing children’s health by supporting daily physical education requirements for grades K-12. Many Illinois schools have designed or adopted model programs to meet this requirement and create opportunities for physical activity. Learn about the state’s successes, challenges, and lessons learned in its efforts to promote enhanced physical education programs. In addition, IPHI will feature its evidence-based Pump Up P.E.: Promote Health, Learning, & Lifelong Fitness one-day training program.

Kelly Hughes, Associate Director, Program Strategy, National Network of Public Health Institutes
Brittany Chen, Director, Policy and Practice, Health Resources in Action
Shannon Michael, Health Scientist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Population Health
Janna Simon, Program Manager, Center for Policy & Partnerships Initiatives, Illinois Public Health Institute