Classroom Physical Activity Idea

Silent Signs


Approach: Movement integrated into planned academic instruction

Subject Area: Geography

Age: Elementary (Grade 4-5)

Recommended by: Erica Ayers, School Health Coordinator, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Source: North Carolina Energizers for Schools, Kindergarten – 5th Grade Classroom Energizers (pg. 36)


  1. Ask students to stand up, push in their chairs, and stand behind their desks.
  2. Display a map and choose 1 student to go to the map.
  3. Choose a location (state or country) and tell everyone in the class except the student at the map (can write location on board or piece of paper).
  4. Instruct the class to use movement without talking to guide the student to the correct location.
    East: knee lifts
    West: jumping jacks
    North: raise the roof
    South: squats
  5. Repeat with new location and new student.