Featuring Lisa Rakoz

Every week, we shine a light on a Springboard to Active Schools trainer who is making a difference in their community and state. These blogs highlight trainings that the trainers have conducted on implementing a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP), training insights and tips, and fun facts.

We met with Lisa Rakoz from the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to learn more about her training experience.

  1. Share a brief overview of one of your Springboard to CSPAP Implementation trainings.
  2. What: CSPAP, recess, and classroom physical activity.
    Who: Health and Physical Education teachers.
    Where: South Kitsap School District’s Summer Institute.

  3. Who were the key partners you worked with to make this training happen?
  4. I worked with the coordinator for the summer institute and the department head for physical education.

  5. What superpower did each partner bring to the table?
  6. The coordinator’s superpower was organization.  The department head was a connector – you could tell she was well-respected by her colleagues.

  7. Did you learn anything new about your partners through this process? If so, what did you learn?
  8. I have worked with them in different capacities as individuals, but not as a team. They were very passionate, excited to start the new year, and appreciative of the presentation.

  9. What are three words to describe your audience before the training began?
  10. Connected, welcoming, unsure, and embracing.

  11. What are three words to describe your audience at the conclusion of the training?
  12. Enthusiastic, team-oriented, and excited to start the new school year.

  13. What is one way you got the participants to be physically active?
  14. Setting up your protocol for movement is really important – the learning needs to be safe, welcoming, and comfortable. As a trainer, you can modify your movement depending on what people can do, whether it’s in a chair or moving around the room. It’s more about the comfort level of the participants.  You set your learning environment and protocol through a group agreement and provide them the opportunity to learn through movement.  It can’t get much better than that!

  15. What part of the training are you most proud of?
  16. I really enjoy teaching about physical activity in the classroom – different strategies, different energizers they can use. In this training, I brought in energizer booklets, paired up the participants, and had them select one energizer to lead during the training. Throughout the day, each pair would share their energizer.  By the end of the training, the participants walked away with a variety of energizers!

  17. What part of the training was the most challenging?
  18. Technology. School districts have sites blocked, so I recommend using Hotspot or MiFi to access the internet.

  19. What is one thing that surprised you at your training?
  20. Their excitement on a beautiful summer day! They were so passionate about physical education and excited to start implementing the activities as soon as school started.