Online Learning Institute: Physical Health as Mental Health – Integrating Social Emotional Learning Strategies into Physical Activity

NOTE: This Online Learning Institute was held on December 10, 2020. Below is information and resources from the training.

During this interactive session, participants will learn about intentionally integrating social emotional learning strategies into in-person, virtual, and hybrid classroom physical activity as a way to promote mental and physical health in young people. Participants will learn about incorporating youth development to strategically engage and empower youth around their own health.


– Define mental and physical health as a part of overall wellbeing of the whole child.

– Explore physical activity strategies as a strategic opportunity to enhance social emotional learning overall, and especially during COVID-19.

– Identify ways to integrate social emotional learning into all learning environments during COVID-19.

– Identify youth participation as an approach to engage youth in their own mental and physical health.

Featured Presenters:

Lauren Ansong dePass, MPH, School Coordinator, Health Resources in Action ([email protected])

Brandon Morgan, MS, Program Associate, Health Resources in Action ([email protected])

Laurie Jo Wallace, MA, Managing Director of Training & Capacity Building, Health Resources in Action ([email protected])


Resources from Training:

Recording (Note: The link to the recording will expire on February 28th, 2021)

Training slides