Classroom Physical Activity Idea

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Approach: Movement integrated into planned academic instruction

Subject Area: Math, Vocabulary

Age: All Age Groups  

Recommended by: Samantha Greenleaf, Reading Instructional Coach, Austin Independent School District, previous 5th grade reading and language arts teacher

Source: Created by Kagan Publishing and Professional Development, instructions adapted from The Teacher Toolkit


  1. Provide each student with flash cards about the current unit of study. One side of the card has a question (e.g., a math fact or vocabulary word) and the other side provides the answer or definition.
  2. Ask students to find a partner.
  3. Partner A holds up the flash card to show Partner B the question.  Partner B answers. Partner A praises if correct or coaches if incorrect.
  4. Partner B asks Partner A the next question. Partner B praises if correct or coaches if incorrect.
  5. Partner B and Partner A switch cards.
  6. Partners A and B raise their hands to find a new partner and repeat the process with new partners for an allotted amount of time.

Ms. Greenleaf observed this activity is great because it ensures students are actively engaged in the learning process by building relationships across the classroom, giving students ownership for teaching and learning, and integrates movement in a very simple way.